IHOP: Int’l House of Pizza

 OK let’s stop before this blog goes a single line of text further and address the elephant in the room: the title of this entry was ALMOST ‘Pizza for Breakfast’. The thing is, that  syntax would have come perilously close to implying that pizza isn’t normally a breakfast food. Obviously that would be ludacris. It is well established that pizza, especially cold, left-over-from-an-after-party-drunk-order pizza, is as perfect for starting the day off right as a glass of orange juice and a bowl of Wheaties. Or a bowl of something.  

2nd Runner-Up in the Acceptable at Every Meal Category

 So, no, pizza for breakfast would not be KRAZY enough to play a starring role on the Pizza What stage. Luckily, this wasn’t actually Pizza for Breakfast… no. We were eating it at 9pm, after a full day of eating other things. Instead it was Breakfast Pizza. Aye, therein lies the rub. So rub the sleep out of your eyes, put the coffee on, and behold… Breakfast Pizza!

Our goal was to combine all of the things you would normally have in a no-holds-barred weekend at Grandma’s type breakfast. So obviously we were going to have scrambled eggs and sausage on a giant pancake. 

Start with a pouch (yes, pouch) of instant pancake mix, add water and an egg, get to mixin’: 


Don’t act suprised that there were mimosas. This is BREAKFAST pizza! For those of you keeping score, it’s worth noting that yes, we did go for the $4 bottle of Andre champagne but invested in the high-end organic jug of orange juice. Feel free to make your own values judgment when recreating this recipe at home. 


Next came the omelet ingreds: onion, red pepper, Morningstar breakfast sausage patties, and Gil, a particularly noble portabella mushroom. 


 Mixed in the eggs… originally we only used a few, but kept adding more and more for ultimate scramblage. Next thing we knew we had added like 6! Impressive. But then again, growing up there was this guy I knew who ate four dozen eggs every morning to help him get large. Now that he’s grown he eats five dozen eggs, so he’s roughly the size of a barge


Lord, he was born a scramblin’ man.  


 Meanwhile, we make the pancake “crust” in deep skillet (1 packet was 2 crusts-worth.) Pour the scramble on top and it’s time to RISE AND SHINE, PIZZA LOVERS! 




 Of course no breakfast pizza would be complete without the proper maple syrup dressing: 

Now that’s a hell of a way to wake up

 The Pizza #5 recap: red pepper, sweet onion, fake sausage, mushroom, eggs, pancake mix, maple syrup.

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