Easter in January

So tonight was a night of ressurections. Not J-Man, maybe, but he gets his day in April (or is it March? We Unitarians aren’t much for dates…) Anyway, I was thrilled when my car started, thrilled when my old laptop booted up, thrilled when Cheese and I managed to fill an entire canvass bag at Goodwill for under $10. And yet none of these rebirths were as deliciously rewarding as the one that took place in the oven.

Yesterday (as my car was dead and had not yet rolled away the stone) I got good n’ lazy and ordered a pizza from local legend Gumby’s. Cheese was right to point out that while Gumby’s is inarguably the best source of Pokey Sticks this side of that creepy claymated house where the block dudes lived, their veggie pizza left something to be desired. Rather bland and with a few measily tomatoes, mushrooms and peps, it was no Garden of Eden on dough.

Block Dudes

Block Dudes react to Gumby's Veggie Pizza

Perhaps it could be… improved upon? My partner-in-kitchen had already improved personal pizzas in the past, and I knew this would pose little difficulty for our cooking combination punch.

With the existing base of cheese and veggies, we figured we only needed a couple add-ons to jazz things up. Tofu for protein (and because it kicks ass) was an obvious choice. Cheese cut the tofu into slices that ended up deliciously french-fry-esque when he was done frying them up in Deep Skillet with a little oil. The jar of leftover edamame would add a little color and flavor without taking up too much space or time. A little extra parm on the pizza fetched by yours truly during the tofuing was the the icing on the cake.  Dumped it all on top of the Gumby’s pizza already warming  and returned the whole thing to the oven for about 5 minutes:

As you can see, the result was breathtaking.

He Has Risen!

I'd Come Back for Seconds, Too!

From what had been a wilty, uninspired and generic delivery grew one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Not to mention… an idea: A month of pizzas, trying as many crazy, unexpected, and mouth-watering combinations as possible. Would we get sick of pizza? Scoffable. That would be like saying can you get sick of art, or sunsets, or porn. So with that, we welcome you to the Pizza What? Challenge. Better get your tip money ready, ‘cuz these are gonna delivered HOT to your door.

Pizza Heaven

Ding dong.

The Re-cap:

Pizza 1: Gumby’s crust, cheese, green pepper, onion, mushroom, tomato. Our own added parm, tofu, edamame.

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  1. Oh, you garrulous, polylinguistic vinipotes, you. As a wise person once quipped, “de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum.”

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